Wedding gifts

One of my managers at work is getting married soon, and I decided to make her a present for her wedding. I was a bit stuck for ideas, and after trawling loads of craft sites and books, I still couldn’t think of anything to make. I wanted the present to be practical, rather than something like a sampler or a keepsake, and I wanted to tone in with the pink/grey theme of her wedding.

Eventually, I settled on a photo album, and bought one to use as a base to decorate. I had a pink suede skirt which I used to cover the album, and I embroidered a cute little rabbit from Somebunny to Love to go on the front. I then added buttons to the corners, a ribbon edging, and soft purple cardboard endpapers inside. I was toying with adding the date of their wedding and labelling it as a wedding photo album, but I decided to leave it quite neutral so that they won’t be limited in how they choose to use it. I’m very pleased with the finished result – here it is!

It was nice to do something other than knitting for a change. I also made them a card, which was really fiddly to cut out and nearly took longer than making the album!

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