10 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Vonnie with this – here goes!

1) I’m a professional actor, and fit in acting work around being a mum. This Christmas I’m touring as Smee in “Peter Pan” – can’t wait to be a pirate!

2) I have an enormous stash of crafty things, and a notebook full of ideas, but never get enough time to do them all. Once the kids are in bed, I’m so tired that I generally just veg in front of the telly with a bit of knitting. I’m determined that one day I will try felting and beading though.

3) I used to work as a juggling teddy bear at Blair Drummond Safari Park. I hoped that sweating inside a fur fabric suit for eight hours a day would help me lose weight – no such luck! It was quite good fun though.

4) I’ve never been to school in my life, apart from to sit exams. I was home-educated from the start, and did all my GCSEs/A Levels through distance learning. Definitely the best thing my parents ever did for me.

5) I’m probably the biggest wimp in the world. I can’t stand horror films, heights, dogs, wasps and rollercoasters – I do like spiders and snakes though.

6) When I was a kid I wanted to go to university and study Japanese. As it turned out, I trained as a nursery nurse and then went into acting – don’t know what happened there!

7) I have a big family. My parents have ten siblings between them, and I’m the oldest of six. It makes family gatherings very big, noisy and fun.

8) I can raise one eyebrow, curl my tongue and make a noise like an owl hooting. Can’t whistle in tune to save my life though.

9) I went to Milan on a college “research trip” (ie holiday) and did street theatre outside the cathedral in the middle of the night, then nearly got arrested and had to make a quick escape on the subway.

10) My favourite ever meal is lasagne followed by chocolate fudge cake. Very unhealthy but amazing!


7 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. Wow! That's amazing, how did you get into acting?! And you never went to school?! I'd love to home educate but I don't think I'm smart enough 😦


  2. wow… I thought about home educating the Boy but I dont' think I would have the pacience for it, and would either tear my hair out or end up strangling the Boy ala Homer Simpson…. I do think Vonnie would be smart enough to do it though!


  3. my mum wanted to home-ed me but worried about me not mixing with enough other children – do you not feel you missed out a bit on the social side of school life?and the time thing? soon enough you will have time on your hands unless you home-ed too!


  4. Gosh, so many questions! Acting – I started off in amateur groups for a few years, then went to college and did an HND Acting and Performance. After that I just started auditioning for jobs and so on.Home-education – didn't feel I missed out on social stuff at all! My sister went to school for two years and hated it, the bad behaviour, distraction, etc etc. I had/have loads of friends, through activities, people who lived near me and so on. I think socialising is only a problem for home-edders if you deliberately isolate yourself, and I don't think many people do that. Don't think I will be home-edding as I'm married to a teacher who's not entirely convinced. It's nothing to do with how much or what you know as a parent though, it's all about how well you can answer your kids' questions and follow their interests. We never did any formal “lessons” until we did exams, and that's the approach lots of people take. I think you'd be great, Vonnie!


  5. wow, you've done so much! I always wondered how I could get a job as a cartoon character, say at Disneyland or something. I would LOVE to dress up for work every day.


  6. Gosh, so interesting (what fun this is for nosey people like me!). We home ed our boys – it's fantastic so far. It's lovely to learn that you really value your experience of it.


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