Look at this gorgeous wool that I got the other day! Babylonglegs Semi Precious, merino silk blend, deep purple colour. Don’t you just want to hug it?

One hour later it looked like this. I want to cry. Never had such a bad yarn winding disaster in my life. Just as well my deadline for using this yarn is still a couple of weeks away – I’m going to need all that time to unravel it!


5 thoughts on “Disaster!

  1. Oh no! But but but, it's so pretty! If I'm not mistaken, there's a fantastic group on ravelery where they're more than happy to detangle yarn for you if you can't face it. Might be worth searching for? I can't quite recall the name. Good luck getting it sorted!


  2. Oh bless you, I thought it was a kitten that had done it, but fair do's a kitten is definately not needed by the look of things, you managed it all by yourself. Kudos : -)So glad i found yor blog. Love Jane xx


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