Never Ending Stash

The stash is getting smaller. The pile of baby knits is getting larger. This week, I used some My First Regia to knit two pairs of tiny baby socks, the Pieces of Eight pattern. The pattern is really quick and easy, and the socks have a long ribbed cuff which helps them to stay on wriggly baby feet. I still have loads of the yarn left, so I might make a little hat or something. Just now, I’ve had enough of tiny needles and tiny yarn, so I moved on to something a bit different. 

Here’s a Debbie Bliss pattern, the Pixie Hat from Simply Baby. I have massive issues with this pattern! The sizing is way off, so the hat doesn’t stay on a child’s head, especially as the whole thing is so long. I knitted the 0-3 months size, and it almost fitted my 5 year old, who is closer to the size of the average 7 year old. It was a bit modified – I knitted the hat up till the decreases, and then deviated from the pattern to create a normal hat rather than the pixie style. I do love the cashmerino yarn though, it’s so soft, and looks really smooth when knitted up. 
There was still half a ball of cashmerino left, so I made the Two Tone Socks from the same book, just in one colour. These are also quite big, but really super quick to make, only about an hour of knitting time each. 
Unfortunately, despite clearing three balls of yarn out of my stash, I went to Jenners today and looked at the sale yarn. There were so many things I could have bought, at bargain prices starting from £1. In the end, I chose this Rowan Alpaca Colour in a beautiful greeny-blue shade. It’s going to become a hat, possibly the Hinagiku, and probably a pair of mitts if there’s enough left. 
Every time I get rid of some yarn, I seem to buy more, it’s a never ending cycle!

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