Sneaky peek of another test knit

Here’s a glimpse of the test knit I’ve just completed for Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches. I can’t tell you much about it just now, but I do love the finished result. It’s a cardigan, and I made it in Paton’s Washed Haze Aran, in a shade called Spice.

Unfortunately I had to take this picture at night, so the colour doesn’t show up very well. It’s more of a rusty brown, not as orange as this. Incredibly, despite my huge button collection, I couldn’t find any buttons that were suitable to finish off the job! Another excuse to go button shopping though – I’m thinking something leathery and weathered.

The cardigan was a great pattern to knit, and I’ll post an update when it’s published and I’m free to reveal more details. Until then, you can check out Carol’s work in the latest issue of Yarn Forward magazine, where she has a feature and a lovely top pattern published. Here is a picture of her design – it’s the orange and brown one that you’ll see if you scroll down, called Fritillary.