Me and my crafts

My very first post on my brand new blog! I’m an actor living in Scotland with my husband, toddler son, and another baby on the way. I’m predominantly a knitter, but I do like sewing, patchwork, crochet, beading, applique and cross stitch. I’ll try pretty much anything, so latch hook rugs and quilting are next on the list.

I do test knitting for a few designers, recently for Erssie Knits and Molting Yeti.
Here’s my most recent test knitting project – Pulpo the octopus. He’s big and cuddly, and my son loves him!

I also knit for the Sc
ottish charity Bonnie Babies, who make clothes for premature babies and those who sadly pass away. They send clothes to many hospitals all over the UK, and recently to the only premature baby unit in Rwanda.

One of my favourite pastimes is trawling through the local charity shops and junk shops,
looking for things I can use for craft projects. Today I found two duvet covers in tiny floral prints, which I’ll use for patchwork.

I also got a large piece of white broderie anglaise fabric, and a whole pile of vintage buttons.
The ones on the card are brown leather from Woolworths, originally 18p.
I also got a set of very old cracked leather buttons, shown in close up in the second picture. The last picture shows a mixed lot – two wooden ones, a big red and black swirly patterned one, a brown wood effect one and a gorgeous gold and multi coloured one.


2 thoughts on “Me and my crafts

  1. love those leather buttons i always pick those out of the tins i find in charity shops too. the octopus is great – i wish i could knit!thanks so much for saying you love my blog – i look forward to learning more about you x maximumrabbitdesigns.


  2. Thanks! I love hunting through button boxes – I have loads of ideas of things to do with them, but never enough time. I found your blog through the Arts and Crafts thread on Mumsnet, the felt badges and things that you make are gorgeous and I love your style!


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