There aren’t enough hours in the day!

I could really do with 24 hours of productive time, and then 12 hours to sleep – there are so many projects that I want to do and ideas that I have, and not enough time to do them in!

This week has been really busy. First of all I finished the sweater I was making for my mum, in Idena Cotton Sport. The yarn knitted up really nicely, very soft and smooth, and it means I have a bit more space in my loft.

Then I decided to clear out the loft and organise my stash. I have a terrible habit of being unable to resist wool from charity shops, so I have a very haphazard collection in various cardboard packing boxes. Unfortunately the roof had leaked and one box of fabric had begun to get mouldy, so I transferred as much as possible into plastic stacking boxes. In the process I found all kinds of fabric, embroidery kits, wool, and other things that I’d forgotten I had. I have lots of ideas for patchwork bags using the fabric I found, so I will need to sketch some designs. I also found a felt alphabet book that I started making when I was about 16 – it’s still only half done! Oh well, it might just be ready for baby number two!

I also found some blue yarn that I’m going to use to make a sweater for my dad. I’ve had the pattern for ages, but now I’ve found the perfect yarn. It’s a charity shop find, but I think it’s mostly wool as it’s very soft and warm. Here’s the pattern that I’m using. I’ve knitted almost up to the back armholes in three days – not bad going so far!


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