I love charity shops!

Is it just me, or are charity shops amazing things? I don’t know if my local area is especially good, or if it’s a nationwide phenomenon, but I love them! There are five charity shops in my small town, and I go for a wee look around at least once a week. The other day I spent £6, and got 2 t-shirts for my husband, a cross stitch kit for a cute little elephant, a paisley pattern shirt for my little boy, and this book:

There is nowhere else in the world where I can go and get that many things so cheaply.

I also like charity shops for the fabric and wool, as my budget doesn’t really stretch to buying too many craft supplies. I made a bag for my friend’s birthday with an unidentified greeny grey flecked yarn, a brown linen skirt and a brown macrame belt, all finds from charity shops. I used the Brea pattern by Norah Gaughan, and it worked out pretty well even if I say so myself!

On another subject, I’m thinking of doing a degree with the Open College of the Arts, starting with this textile course – Does anyone have any experience of the course, or studying with the OCA? I’d welcome any advice or comments that you might have before I go ahead and book a place.


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