More test knitting

Here are some finished pictures of my latest test knitting ventures. I’m finally reaching the end of my to-do pile!

First up, the Laced Leaves cardigan by Carol Feller. Here’s a front view…

…and a back view, which shows up the lovely pattern.

I also finished test knitting the SOLI sock for the Cupcake Factory, which is in aid of the charity Streams of Life International. I love the wavy effect of the pattern, and here’s a snap of the finished item.

This picture shows the pattern much more clearly.

I’ve really enjoyed doing all these test knits, but I will be glad to have some time to finish off outstanding projects and work on some of my own designs for a change. My garden is also calling desperately for attention, so now that summer is definitely on the way I’ll be able to get stuck into the wilderness and make it all pretty!


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