More Felt Applique

I’ve finally finished my secret test knitting! Just have to get it all made up and sent away, then I can start on more projects in my extensive queue. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the felt applique book that I started ages ago. Here are some pictures of the latest pages.

E is for Eggs. These little eggs have cheeky smiling faces, and slot into the egg boxes.

F is for Fish. The scales are going to be numbered with 3D fabric paint at some point.

G is for Grass. There’s a little worm hiding behind the tall grass, for children to find.

H is for Helicopter. The rotor blades are hinged with a button, and can be spun round and round.

I is for Ice Cream. The scoops of ice cream are all velcroed so different combinations can be made.

I haven’t had any inspiration for J yet, although I think it will be Jelly Beans.
K is for Kangaroo. The baby fits into its mother’s pouch.

Finally, L is for Lollipop. The lollipop heads are all velcroed so they can be put on different sticks.

The way things are going, I might just get this finished before baby number two makes an appearance!


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