Nursery Knits and cushion making

I went to Dunfermline today, and had a wee look around the clearance book store in the shopping centre. This book just jumped off the shelves at me – at £2.99 instead of £14.99, it was a bargain!

There are some lovely patterns inside, so I’m hoping to knit up a couple of things for the baby, and probably a little teddy bear for F.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take a trip into Glasgow to get supplies for the cushions I’m making. The knitting is going well, I just need cushion pads to go inside the covers. I’ll also need zips and trimmings for the sewn cushions I’m making, which are going to be stitched out of an old pair of curtains I got in a charity shop. As a very inexperienced user of a sewing machine, I’m a bit nervous about the whole putting-in-zips thing. I found this tutorial on another blog, which looks really useful. However, I could avoid the whole zip issue altogether – this tutorial explains how to do an envelope cushion with piping instead.

I think cushions with piping look really finished and neat, so I might go for this option and see if I can put in a zip as well.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Knits and cushion making

  1. Be careful that there are no errors in the patterns. These book shops are great for bargains, but sometimes it is because of printing errors. As long as you are fairly au fait with whatever craft, you should be able to spot any!


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