Babies on the brain

I only have 40 days to go now until my due date with this little one, so I’ve been thinking about crafty things I can make for her. I tried making reusable wipes with some old towels, by cutting squares and then machine sewing a zig zag stitch about a centimetre in from the edge. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped them fraying, so I might need to work out another way to finish them. I’m also going to knit some little washcloths with soft pink and blue cotton that I have in my stash, using the Grandmother’s Favourite dishcloth pattern. After that, I’m sure I’ll have time to make a little summer cardigan or two – baby knitting is so much fun, and the patterns for girls are lovely!

Of course, I’m getting really broody with the due date approaching so fast. Also, Vonnie from Adventures of a Lady in Training has just had the most gorgeous new baby girl, so I’m even more desperate to meet my own little one after seeing the pictures. I’ve also been knitting a lot recently for Bonnie Babies charity, doing premature and newborn size cardigans to try and use up the masses of baby acrylic I have in my stash. Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on in the past few days. This jacket was from an old King Cole pattern.

This little cardigan took ages to do because it had separate button and buttonhole bands. I remember now why I usually avoid those kind of patterns!

On the needles just now is a garter stitch baby blanket, the sort that is worked like a giant dishcloth, from corner to corner. The pattern calls for a knitted lace edging, but I haven’t got the patience for that, so I think I’ll be trying out my rusty crochet skills and making some sort of basic crocheted edge just to finish it off.


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