Mitered square blanket

I’ve been working on this blanket for a wee while now, and decided to get it finished off before the baby arrives. It’s been a great project to use up stash cotton, and I’m happy with the way the colours work together. Unfortunately, I laid it out on the floor to see what my husband thought, and he pointed out that one of the mitered squares is slanted in the wrong direction! My inner perfectionist has serious problems with this, but there’s no way I’m unpicking the whole thing just to re-angle one square.

I made the squares by casting on 66 stitches and knitting one row (on the wrong side). I then did the mitered square pattern until there were 2 stitches left, and knitted the two together. They’re really easy squares to do, so great mindless telly-watching knitting. There are only two rows –
Row 1 – K to centre 4 sts, K2tog twice, K to end.
Row 2 – K to end
I used the tutorial on this blog as inspiration.

I joined the finished squares together by crocheting them, which saved my sanity by eliminating a lot of sewing up. Then I edged the whole blanket with 5 rows of double crochet. The yarns were a real mix – Avanti Cotton, Rowan Handknit DK Cotton, and some unidentified charity shop finds. However, they all appear to have knitted up to a reasonably similar tension and work well together.


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