First makes of the New Year

I’ve been knitting away busily since 2010 started, finishing off some of those WIPs that have been lingering in my living room. First up was a little bamboo cardigan for H, which I cast on months ago! The pattern called for a knitted edging and ties, but I couldn’t be bothered knitting five stitches for ages. Instead, I edged the cardigan with several rows of double crochet, and added ties of ivory satin ribbon. Then I sewed on a little teddy bear patch to finish it off.

The second thing I finished was a postman hedgehog for F. He is obsessed with Camberwick Green, thanks to his grandad’s vintage DVD collection! His favourite character is Peter the Postman, so I made a little Jean Greenhowe postman for him to play with. This was so easy to knit, but the finishing took a long time and was rather fiddly.

My pile of WIPs isn’t any smaller though. I cast on for a lovely red cabled coat from The Knitter magazine, made two pairs of fluffy slipper socks for my sister, and knitted myself a cosy hat and gloves with some wool I got with Christmas money. Will I ever get through the to-do pile? At least I’ve used 10 balls of yarn towards my yearly target of 100. Back to the knitting now!


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