Some more bags

Here are a couple of bags that I was commissioned to make for the gallery where I’m selling my designs. I was asked for something green, with a star theme, so made these two bags.

The first one is created from a Ted Baker scarf and a man’s jumper, plus an old bed sheet. I made a sort of star-like corsage with the felted fringing from the end of the scarf, and finished it off with a big wooden button.

This is a bag for people who have a lot to carry – students, mums or business people perhaps. It comfortably holds books, files and papers, or even a large craft project. The handle is lined so that it will take quite a lot of weight without stretching.

The second bag started life as a tweed skirt, felted and transformed into a cute little handbag. I made a yo-yo corsage and finished it off with a mock leather green button and a felt circle.

The bag is fully lined in green, and has a star detail on the front. I added rolled felt handles to make it extra sturdy.

Apologies for the appalling pictures, I’m in rehearsals full time at the moment so I’m never home in daylight!


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