New bag designs

My stash of fabric still seems to be expanding – I think perhaps it breeds when I’m not looking! So, in an attempt to decrease the pile, I made some more bags to sell at the Make Room where I display my work.

First up, is a denim purse made from a recycled pair of jeans. I added a leopard print felt heart, edged in blanket stitch, and bright red textured buttons.

Next, I used the rest of the denim to make another purse, this time with a heart and star detail on the back, and metal jeans buttons on the front.

Finally, I used a felted scarf to make a fringed wool bag with an embroidered flower detail. I added a braided handle made from Icelandic Lopi wool that’s too scratchy to knit clothes with.

Here’s a wee close up of the embroidery – I did it freehand so the proportions of the flower aren’t quite perfect. This is something I’d like to do more of, as I’m only confident with a basic chain and satin stitch.

I’m very busy at the moment with various knitting projects and commissions, but I have lots more bag ideas in the pipeline too.


One thought on “New bag designs

  1. wow I think the flower has perfect proportions, I don't know if they can be better :)it is great idea to use up what ever fabric stash you have, I can see my growing but I didnt start on using it at all :(xxx


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