This month, and indeed the year, is flying by. I can’t believe we’re in May already! I’m so busy with work at the moment, having just done a week long run of a play at the same time as touring with another show. As a result, I have been rubbish at crafting and keeping up with my blog. However, I do have a few pictures that kind of sum up my month so far.

This is a little cabled swing cardigan that I made for one of my son’s friends. It’s a size 4-5 but fits him, and he’s just turned 3. You can’t see the detail too clearly in this picture as it’s such a light coloured pink yarn, but it’s a very pretty cabled design. The yarn is Sirdar Baby Bamboo, and the pattern was in Knitting Magazine last November.

This next picture shows my current long term craft project. It’s an old dollshouse that I had as a child, which I’m currently revamping for my son to play with. It’s been stored in a shed for a while, so it needed a good clean. In the process of cleaning the inside, I remembered that I’d done all the decoration with water-based paints – you can imagine the mess! It’s going to take a lot of scrubbing to get all the old paint off before I start redecorating it again. This will be a fun project to do over the summer.

Finally, here’s a wee pic from my tour. We were up north in Fort William, and passed through the beautiful area of Glencoe. This kind of scenery makes me happy – and having lunch on the beach in Caol under the shadow of Ben Nevis made work so much fun!


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