Plans for the year

Wow! It’s been a long time since I updated this blog! I have been very busy though – there’s been quite a few acting jobs, many many hours spent on trains travelling all over the country, and a lot of knitting. Now it’s that time of the year again where I’m looking at what’s happened over the past twelve months, and starting to re-evaluate things for the next twelve.

I’m going to have a lot of changes and developments to deal with in my personal life over the coming year, especially since I now have two walking, talking bundles of fun causing havoc on a daily basis! However, on a craft front, I want to try and get as organised and goal orientated as possible.

The past year was a major FAIL for my goals. On the surface the figures look great, but I think I have more yarn than I started with in January!
In 2010 I wanted to use 100 balls, and keep track of my overall metres knitted. I used around 120 balls, though I didn’t keep an exact count, and I knitted approximately 15,234 metres, or 9.5 miles! That sounds like I should have a big dent in my stash, but unfortunately I never stuck to my first goal, which was “knit only from stash”.
So, my goals for the New Year –
1) Catalogue ALL my stash into the Ewe Stash app on my phone, since there’s only about half of it on Ravelry just now, and having it on the phone means I can have it with me to remind me what I’ve already got, if I get the urge to supplement the stash.
2) Complete all projects currently on the needles. Except perhaps the very big 4ply cardigan, which isn’t quite working out.
3) Knit all projects that I have yarn stashed away for – so that will be Sunlit, Sage, and one other Kim Hargreaves project that I have a ton of All Seasons Cotton for, but I can’t remember what it is.
4) Look at the John Lewis clearance sale and try not to be tempted, but I will allow myself one purchase of something Rowan and woolly if it’s an absolute bargain, as it’s something I will definitely use.
5) Write patterns for and knit all the designs in my notebook.
That’ll do to be going on with! Wish me luck 😀


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