Make do and Mend

Last Saturday, I took part in my first ever craft fair, Make do and Mend at Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow. I was pretty excited and apprehensive beforehand, as I’d never sold at a craft fair before. Luckily, Make do and Mend was a good place to start! The people there were so nice, and I chatted to some great crafters and was tempted by all kinds of lovely goodies. I met Freak Carousel and her awesomely scary/cute jewellery, and had a good natter to We Felt it Too.

This is what my stall looked like all set up –

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have enough stock, but the table was only just big enough for all my things. The fair opened at 11am, so I had a browse round the other stalls and bought myself two lovely rings, a pair of earrings and a big slice of lemon drizzle cake! Unfortunately it was a miserable day, and business was slow. However, I managed to sell quite a few items and got lots of kind and very constructive feedback on everything from my products to my prices.

After four hours it was time to pack up and trudge home through the puddles, but not before I had received an invitation to head down to Little Birds Market at Sloans in Glasgow, which was on the next day.

The outdoor craft market at Sloans is something I’ve browsed many times before, but Little Birds is a new venture set up by Laura McIlquham of Love Me Again. In their own words, “Little Birds Markets aims to bring the very best in vintage, craft and design offerings together to create an interesting shopping experience for shoppers and a platform for entrepreneurs, crafters, designers and businesses to meet like minded people”. They certainly lived up to their mission statement, with two floors of Sloans bursting with fabulous handmade loveliness! I was dazzled by customised shoes from Dawntroversial, and loved the wide variety of inventive jewellery and accessories that were on display. However, my absolute favourite stall was that belonging to The Grey Earl. I loved his impossibly cute illustrations of Batboy and Robbie, the dynamic duo who have a kinky twist. Check out his website – especially the picture entitled “Santa Baws”!

Just by chance, I also happened to notice that there was a craft and design fair on at the Royal Concert Hall. Of course, I had to pop in to have a little look – and once again was very tempted to spend a lot of money! There were beautiful hand carved wooden toys, cute little soft toys, bright knitted children’s sweaters, and gorgeous jewellery. I loved Dazed Dorothy’s stall, especially her brightly coloured leather purses with button decoration. I also really admired Squirrel and Bear, who create beautiful traditionally patterned Scottish knitted accessories and toys, with a contemporary twist.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, and I came away with a purse full of business cards and a lot of inspiration. My designs are now going to be sold at Resonate Arts House in Alloa, and after that, I may well be heading back to have my second go of selling at a craft fair!


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