Yesterday was perfect beach weather, at least for a pale and easily burned person such as myself. It was reasonably warm, but cloudy, and the rain stayed off for most of the day. I took my kids to Portobello, and we spent a few hours playing on the sand, tentatively paddling in the freezing cold water, and enjoying a picnic. I had forgotten how everything has a slight crunch to it when you eat on the beach, the sand seems to get everywhere! Some seagulls came and stole our sandwiches, and we found lots of weird shaped seaweed and a few interesting shells. My son enjoyed digging a hole that was almost deep enough for him to disappear into.
I was going to get on with some knitting while the kids were playing, but I soon realised that there was too much sand flying about. This is what happened to me instead!
It was a really fun day out, finished off by a brief visit to some of Portobello’s charity shops. I found  a rather fabulous black sequinned jacket, but resisted temptation and came home empty handed. The kids slept on the train home, and I cast on a baby jacket in a pretty shade of blue cotton. It’s knitting up really fast, I’ve nearly finished the back already, so hopefully I will have another thing ticked off my to-do list by the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “Beach!

  1. How lovely, I must add this to my school holiday to do list. Its a bit cold here, but always plenty to keep us occupied at the beach.


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