Squishy Winter Gloves

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my cosy Swedish Fish Mittens on the bus. Not to worry, I thought, I’ll just dig out my older pair of mittens and wear those instead. A couple of days later, I got off the bus and took the free paper instead of my mittens, which were still on the seat. Devastated! Those mittens took ages to knit, and they were the warmest things you could imagine. I knew it would take me days, perhaps even weeks, to create a replacement, and I just didn’t have that much time on my hands. Besides, it was freezing, and I needed new gloves right now!

Then I remembered that I have a pattern book called “Hats, Scarves and Gloves” by Louisa Harding, which has a really easy DK glove pattern in it. I had a wee look in my new stash from Wool Warehouse – all Drops yarn, and such lovely stuff.

The mustard coloured Karisma jumped out at me as perfect glove yarn. It’s woolly, warm, and has a great squishy feel to it. Both gloves took four hours to knit, tops. Not even exaggerating! It’s a brilliant pattern (called Toasty Tweed, by the way), and apart from having to do seaming, I can’t find fault with it. So now I have warm hands, and I may well dig into my stash and replace the fish mittens at my leisure, some time in the future!


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