Procrastination is my biggest problem. I hate doing my housework, until the point when I have an essay to write, and then I spend an hour cleaning the bathroom. I’ll decide to go to bed, and then spend the next hour on Facebook, following links and watching random videos. However, my worst habit is starting craft projects and then leaving them for years, because I can’t find the impetus to finish off the last little bit. There’s always something new and exciting to cast on or start sewing, and my old projects get sidelined.

Recently I decided to finish off a few of those old projects, so that I could start new things with a clear conscience. I’ve been knitting a pair of stranded socks on and off since November 2011, Faroe from an old episode of The Knitter magazine. I liked the pattern originally, and I really like the Rowan Scottish Tweed 4ply that I’m using, but they’ve become such a drag! The pattern is quite complicated, and these colours don’t really contrast as well as the originals. I had three days of uninterrupted knitting earlier this year, and spent most of them finishing off the first sock. They’re lovely and warm, which encouraged me to cast on and knit the cuff for the second one, but they’re back in a bag in the wardrobe, waiting for me to pluck up the courage to finish them.

I also found the front of a crochet cushion, which I had made from some Rowan Revive in a variety of colours. Again, this was a project that I liked at the start but quickly grew to hate. The yarn is pretty scratchy and stiff, and I just couldn’t see myself finishing it off. I took it out a few times and looked at it, then donated it to a local charity shop in case anyone else wanted to make something with it. 
However, not all my works-in-progress are failures! I made a shirt ages ago, but at the time my sewing machine was broken and I couldn’t do the buttonholes. Everything got packed away in a bag, and I made a mental note to get the machine fixed and finish it off. Fast forward about three years, and I finally had a spare few hours when I had time to complete the sewing. After a bit of buttonhole practice, a lot of needle threading and some minor hiccups, I had a finished shirt that was actually wearable. It’s from an amazing 1970s Simplicity pattern that I found in a charity shop, and is made out of a floral duvet cover – also a charity shop bargain. The sleeves are gathered into the tops of the armholes, and there’s a big pointed collar. 
I love the styling on the original pattern envelope, I can see this shirt being worn with big corduroy bellbottoms, or denim flares. I’m so glad it’s finally finished and in my wardrobe, and I can start on the next project – a summer dress that has been cut out and ready to sew since at least 2012!


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