Hello again!

Well, it’s been rather a long time since I wrote anything on here!

Last time I blogged, I was thinking about creating a handmade wardrobe. I had a small baby, was going to sewing classes, and enjoying a nice relaxed maternity leave. Now I have another small baby, I’m obsessed with sewing, and I’m having a very different maternity leave experience in a pandemic!

Knitting and crochet will always be my first loves, but sewing has really taken over for me at the moment. It’s rather satisfying to complete a garment in an evening. I recently invested in an overlocker, which has been a lot of fun and increased productivity quite dramatically. I’m still designing when I get time, most recently having a mitten pattern published by Knotions. I’m also still selling my handmade items at The Leith Collective, and occasionally working in the shop.

Recently I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram, as a way to document my makes. I also love searching hashtags to find out what other people have been sewing and get inspiration. Lockdown has started a whole new community of crafters – it’s so great to see people making, baking, growing and creating!


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