Baby Knits

A few weeks ago I read this post from Dottie Angel, about her “Little Knits for Small Beings” club. Basically, she’s started knitting lots of baby clothes, and is putting them away for possible future use. I can totally understand this – baby clothes are so quick and easy to knit, and invariably cute.
At the moment I don’t have any babies to knit for, as both my children are school aged, and friends’ children are already at the toddler stage. But something is compelling me to knit tiny things, and I think I have been strongly influenced by Dottie’s club! So here are the latest little clothes I’ve been knitting away at, a baby cardigan in first size (was supposed to be bigger but I misread the pattern) and some tiny little baby slippers. The cardigan is a British Hand Knitting Confederation pattern, number 36. I used James C Brett Kool Kotton, which is a cotton/acrylic mix, and finished it off with some mismatched buttons from my button jar.
The slippers are probably very impractical for a real baby, as they will just get kicked off within minutes, but they were too adorable for me to resist making them! The pattern is from 50 Baby Booties to Knit, a book I have used a lot over the years, and I used more of the Kool Kotton and decorated them with roses. They’re knitted all in one piece, and take about half an hour to make each one, using only scraps of yarn.
Now I’m discovering that my new addiction is satisfying my urge to cast on different projects all the time, and because they’re so quick, I actually finish them rather than adding them to the work-in-progress pile.
Works-in-progress are being slowly worked through, however. I finished a Kim Hargreaves cardigan that has been on the needles since 2011. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it off years ago, as the whole thing took about 6 hours to complete. Only problem is, I hate it! I’m going to wait a few days and then try it on, take some pictures, and decide if I can learn to like it and even wear it. In theory, it should have been the perfect combination – Kim Hargreaves pattern, Rowan Handknit Cotton, and a pretty pastel purple colour, but the fit is all wrong.
I’ve also finished all the squares for my mystery crochet project, and have almost 100% decided that it’s going to become a cushion. I just have to do the annoying sewing bits, and then it should be complete.


Somehow, it seems that nearly a year has passed since I last updated this blog! In the intervening months I’ve done a lot of knitting, discovered a love for crochet, and managed to get rid of some of my overwhelmingly large yarn stash. I made a list of all the craft projects that have been started and need to be completed, and have been steadily working my way through it over the past few months.

As usual, I have many different projects on the needles – and this is what I’ve been making recently! Following on from the success of the minions in Despicable Me, I’ve had several orders for minion related knits. Here are some little minion toys, adapted from a pattern by Anxo Cunningham.

I’ve really started to enjoy making amigurumi, and my crochet skills have been slowly improving. It’s a more free and experimental design medium than knitting, in my opinion, and I feel as if I can adapt and change patterns without too much thought. And of course, there’s only ever one stitch to drop!

Besides the little minion toys, I found this pattern for hats – so quick and simple to knit, and fits children and adults alike. Here are some little minions with their mascots! Both the hats and the toys use small amounts of DK yarn – I chose to use Hayfield Bonus DK, as the colours were great and it’s machine washable. If you prefer the evil purple minions, here’s a free pattern to try.