Somehow, it seems that nearly a year has passed since I last updated this blog! In the intervening months I’ve done a lot of knitting, discovered a love for crochet, and managed to get rid of some of my overwhelmingly large yarn stash. I made a list of all the craft projects that have been started and need to be completed, and have been steadily working my way through it over the past few months.

As usual, I have many different projects on the needles – and this is what I’ve been making recently! Following on from the success of the minions in Despicable Me, I’ve had several orders for minion related knits. Here are some little minion toys, adapted from a pattern by Anxo Cunningham.

I’ve really started to enjoy making amigurumi, and my crochet skills have been slowly improving. It’s a more free and experimental design medium than knitting, in my opinion, and I feel as if I can adapt and change patterns without too much thought. And of course, there’s only ever one stitch to drop!

Besides the little minion toys, I found this pattern for hats – so quick and simple to knit, and fits children and adults alike. Here are some little minions with their mascots! Both the hats and the toys use small amounts of DK yarn – I chose to use Hayfield Bonus DK, as the colours were great and it’s machine washable. If you prefer the evil purple minions, here’s a free pattern to try.


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