Car boot sale booty

Today I took a trip through to the Kinross car boot sale, with the aim of finding some brown and cream fabric that I could make into a sofa throw. As always though, I got a bit sidetracked when I was going round the stalls, and ended up with a few extra things.

For example, there was all this Wendy Pure at 50p a ball – usually £2.50 in the shops. I thought the little pattern would be lovely to knit up for the new arrival, so I snapped this up straight away.

Then I saw some more wool – lovely baby 4ply and some soft aran. I couldn’t leave the bag of buttons and the cute little wooden ladybirds, so I had to have them as well.

After that, I found a little box filled with reels of cotton, needles and sewing bits and pieces, so I had to have that as well.

On the way home, my husband told me that I’d got a message from someone on Freecycle, offering me a whole load of fabric oddments that I’d requested. We decided to call in at their house and pick up the stuff, and I discovered that it wasn’t just fabric oddments, there were zips and binding as well.

Just look at this cool cow-themed stuff!

I went to my mum’s house to show her all the things I’d got, and she handed me a book on cushion making and a silk scarf painting kit that she’d found in her wardrobe! All in all, a very good day.

Oh yes, the sofa throw. Well I picked up a brown pillowcase that I might be able to use… 😀


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