Super Quick Knitting!

Tonight I knitted for three hours, and ended up with two cowls. Here are the patterns in case you want to make some last minute Christmas gifts!

This cowl was designed by Paulina Chin, and uses one ball of Sirdar Big Softie knitted on 10mm needles. It’s ably modelled by my flatmate, but a ginger beard is not required to pull off this look! The cowl only takes an hour to make, it’s sooo easy, and it’s also incredibly cosy.

The second cowl was something that I just invented as I went along, and I made it in two pieces, but I think it would be better knitted in one piece. With that in mind, here are the instructions for what I would have done if I had spent some time thinking before I knitted!

Using super chunky yarn (I used unlabelled stash scraps), and 10mm needles, cast on 60sts. Either work flat and seam, or join to work in the round. Work 26 rows in garter stitch. Cast off. Edge the cowl with double crochet, either at the top or at both sides. Wear and enjoy!


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