Meet Maisie!

There’s a great magazine called Mollie Makes, which is always bursting with ideas for all sorts of different crafts. It’s full of inspirational pictures, links, and articles, and I just had to buy the latest issue because of the free gift which came with it. First though – look at these lovely pinecones! They’re made with just a bit of felt and glitter, so simple that I’ll have to try them at some point soon.

However, this is the real reason I bought the magazine. There was a free gift attached to the cover, a kit to make a tiny little doll. I sat down for a very happy hour of cutting out lots of felt shapes, and then spent another hour or two sewing them together. The finished result is so cute!

I decided to call her Maisie, and here she is sitting on top of my scraps of yarn. It was great fun doing all the embroidery and working out how to make her hair look just right. I used a red coloured pencil to make her nose, and give her wee pink cheeks. The base of the doll is made with pipe cleaners, so she can be moved into different positions. I haven’t decided what to do with her yet, so she’s sitting on my windowsill for now!


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