Bitten By The Amigurumi Bug

I’m going to be honest here, amigurumi as a trend was just something that I never really “got”. Sure, they look cute, but what do you do with them? And aren’t they just the fiddliest little things to make? Well, after a series of commissions from my friends, I have ended up making loads of wee amigurumi, and am now thoroughly addicted! I didn’t realise how quick and easy they would be to crochet, taking about two or three hours each. I also didn’t realise that the patterns were very forgiving, so if you miss a stitch or increase too many, no one is ever going to notice. Here are my latest creations, with links to the patterns if you fancy giving them a go!
First up, and not the best picture, but this is the Little Bigfoot Monkey. His body and head are crocheted in one simple section, and there are various options for his ears and face to produce different looks. 
Next up, a pair of penguins from Lupita Suarez’s great pattern. The one on the left is called Marshall, and his little sister on the right is still unnamed. I had to adapt the pattern for her feet slightly as I was running out of orange yarn, so she is slightly more dainty than her brother. This pattern works up in about two hours, and I love the finished effects – so adorable!
Also rather cute is Karissa Cole’s collection of ocean themed amigurumi, including an orca, a dolphin and a goldfish. I decided to make the shark, who is now called Ozzy, and has been gifted to a Black Sabbath fan who wanted a “manly animal”. Naturally, I made him the most adorable manly animal I could find, and he’s so tiny that he fits in the palm of my hand.
Next, I crocheted Abbygurumi’s panda bear. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with this one, as the eyes don’t look quite right – I think I should have crocheted little patches to sew on and then added safety eyes, rather than just embroidering them. He’s still quite sweet though, with his oversized head and little stumpy limbs.
Finally, I decided to try a knitted animal, as I couldn’t find a crocheted elephant pattern that I was happy with. This one is from Miss Aine, who also does a range of other tiny animals, including the cutest lion I’ve ever seen! I found this pattern really easy to follow, and love the finished result.
Next up, I have plans to make a dragon and a rabbit – and then, who knows? Do you have any recommendations? I’d love links to more adorable patterns, so please feel free to comment with your favourites!

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