The Leith Collective

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that there’s been a definite drive to move away from consumerism and shopping with big retailers, towards independent businesses and shopping handmade or second hand. Campaigns like Just A Card are raising awareness of local small businesses, and there’s a great image going round social media encouraging people to shop ethically for the festive season.


We don’t need to make lots of new things, especially plastics, when there’s so much good stuff in the world which can be reused and repurposed. The Leith Collective in Ocean Terminal certainly share this philosophy, showcasing the work of lots of independent designers and makers. They have a particular emphasis on stocking products which are created from recycled and upcycled materials, from beautiful driftwood art to amazing sculptures made from scrap metal.

I love this table, although unfortunately I don’t know who the maker is.


This jewellery is made from bicycle inner tubes by Upcycled World, and the designer has other beautiful pieces which are painted in gorgeous marbled jewel tones. It’s so pretty, yet made from what would usually be considered a waste material.


I also love this gorgeous knitwear from Janer Designs, the colours are beautiful.


I’ve just started selling my work there, which I’m super excited about! Most of what I sell is created from repurposed materials, allowing me to keep prices reasonable and affordable. I try to keep my packaging to a minimum and recyclable where possible.


I usually make unique items, and currently have some knitwear in stock as well as crocheted Christmas baubles and lavender hearts. The baubles are made in pure cotton and wool mix yarns, and sold in colour coordinated sets of 3.


The hearts are hand embroidered and sewn from offcuts of Harris Tweed and tartan, then filled with French and Albanian lavender which is a natural moth repellent.

The shop is a perfect place to do some Christmas shopping, as there are many items under £10 or £20 and lots of things that would work well as gifts. Pop in and have a look around if you’re in Edinburgh!


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